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Let’s start a conversation about how people really feel about porn.

“I watch porn every day. It’s fun and it helps me relax before bed”
- anonymous

“I stopped watching porn years ago and my relationship is way better now”
- anonymous

“I’m picky about what I watch, so I pay for niche content”
- anonymous

Which is right?

It depends on who you ask.

This is a resource for learning the REAL porn habits of other people, and discovering what it means for YOU to View Responsibly.

Porn has become mainstream.

It’s talked about in TV shows, on the news, and of course online…
But what about in our daily lives?
Where, When, Why, and How are people watching porn?

What do you think?

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"For me, that would be watching when I know I have enough time.

Working from home has been tough. I'm not thinking about the next thing on my schedule when I'm watching porn."


"I think Responsible Viewers should consider the people in the videos.

I choose to watch porn that was ethically produced. It means paying a little each month, but now I don't have to worry about how the actors have been treated while I watch."

Porn Habits - How do yours compare?

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